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January 2021

Dear parents, whilst our school is closed to pupils, please refer to your Class dojo for home school learning support. Each class Teacher will engage there with you for specific learning support for your child.

Aoife Byrne, Class 7 Teacher.

Home School Document

Click here to download the most recent homeschool document (pack 3) for class 7 

Lamh & Other Communication

The pupils in our class have been learning to communicate

using Lámh signs.

The link below will provide access to instructional videos of how

to perform over 580 signs.

Please follow these simple steps

1. Click on 'apply for membership'

2. Enter the code 'lovelamh'

3. Follow the simple registration instructions

The signs we have been working on are....

Hello, Goodbye, Help, open, ball, teddy, dolly, Happy, Toilet, bus, car, finished, by, girl, eat, dinner, breakfast, drink, apple, banana, sweets, cheese, chips, sandwich, biscuit, cow, sheep, pig, horse, dog.

(Please teach these to your children and use throughout the day where possible)

Other useful websites for enhancing communication skills:

Other Activities

1. Encourage choice-making throughout the day.

2. Follow a visual schedule to help focus the pupils daily.

3. Play with your children e.g. make jigsaws, play with play-dough, cook, watch films.

4. Read stories to your children. Allow them to read simple stories if able.

5. Complete the calendar each day. The class loves to do this! Click on the following link


Our monthly story for April is "Rosie's Hen". Please listen to the story with your children by clicking on the following link and talk about the different directions under/over/around/between/into with your children and demonstrate them first.


Please click on the following link. There are lots of different resources on this website for the children to access.

For those completing single and double addition. Just using a copy, give the children some sums to complete using concrete objects (buttons) or a numbered squared.

April monthly color- Yellow

April monthly number- 8

April monthly shape- Circle

Here are some songs the pupils can listen to on youtube also to reinforce the above:

Other Activities & Links


Plant your seeds "Keep an eye on the post" :)


Get out for lots of walks in nature and find some signs of spring


Cook some nice Easter treats with your children.


To obtain 5 free TACPAC sessions:

Click on the following link

At the checkout enter code 8Q7A3TXS.

Once this is done go to to watch some short videos on how to do TACPAC.


Please send me pictures through Class Dojo of the children doing any home school activities and feel free to contact me through ClassDojo during school hours.  

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