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Home School

Welcome to the Home School section of our website. 

Please click the link to your child's class for the most relevant educational links and updates. 

January 2021

Dear parents, whilst our school is closed to pupils, please refer to your Class dojo for home school learning support. 

Each class Teacher will engage there with you for specific learning support for your child.

Please stay safe and stay home.

Some tips on home schooling

Dear Parents/Carers

Please don’t be daunted by the idea of trying some home learning activities with your child. We do recommend however, that you try to keep to a simple routine throughout the ‘Home School Day’.

A timetable, similar to the picture here, tailored to suit your child and home could prove a useful tool to help structure activities.

Try to stick to the natural school day/week/year, by taking a break at weekends and school holidays.

Remember parents, with all that is going on at the moment the most important thing is to keep families happy and safe. If you find that working on home learning activities with your child is causing more stress or anxiety, take a break, try again another day. We know and understand very well the immense pressure the families of our pupils are under . 

Online resources for parents

Please click the link below to access the resource page of the National Council for Special Education

We will continue to offer support and guidance via a variety of online resources which you might be glad to try.

There are many resources on the aforementioned website 

 Try to be aware that everyone learns differently. Some individuals respond more positively to different methods and practices. 

Try what you know your child will find engaging. For example, teachers at St Mary's often find that learning/experiencing through song and music helps to develop language and communication skills. 

Below is a link to the learning station on Youtube online that some of our classes currently use during school and some of our pupils will be familiar with.

We hope this information will be beneficial for you all throughout this difficult period.

Be together, chat and play together, look after each other, stay home stay safe and all the rest is a bonus.

Kathleen O'Hare: Vice Principal


Many pupils throughout the school have been learning to communicate using Lámh signs.

The link below will provide access to instructional videos of how

to perform over 580 signs.

To access the content follow these simple steps

1. Click on 'apply for membership'

2. Enter the code 'lovelamh'

3. Follow the simple registration instructions

Please use this resource to learn and practice Lámh

Grow in love

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